Memoir Writing

When I offer Memoir Writing classes I adopt a jigsaw puzzle approach. Each journal activity helps us, not only pick the long rusted locks that protect things we have stored in lock proof places, but enables us to make a piece that will form the completed puzzle. When you add tarot to this practice as a source of inspiration, you enter a vivid landscape of images, symbols, depicted scenarios, people cards, and archetypal energies.

In this session we began by drawing with our non dominant hand. Participants could choose to draw a childhood room, their neighbourhood, a route they walked to school, places where they played. We drew, using crayons, for ten minutes.

Then we wrote, using our dominant hands for another ten minutes. We wrote notes, phrases, words and posed any questions. I found asking myself what it was that I was choosing not to remember. It was at this point I drew an Inner Child Card for clarification.

I cannot deny that I resisted the two of swords when it appeared but there was no doubt that it confronted me with a reality. As a child it sometimes felt like I was in a duel as I strived to maintain harmony.

The second card was drawn by a participant to help clarify what she was also choosing to forget.

Drawing this card draws out memories from behind a tightly locked door and provides me wth the opportunity to spend at least 20 minutes journal writing.

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