Why Play With Barbies?

Turns out that a fellow ‘playmate’ not only loves to design and make clothes for my barbies, but is a fashion stylist who artfully combine clothes, shoes, other accessories and hairstyles to bring a “look” together. My role is to develop their characters in a fictional setting.

Barbie Enthusiasts Include

Fashion Designers – the players who design and make clothes for their barbies.

Fashion Stylists – the players who artfully combine clothes, shoes, other accessories and hairstyles to bring a “look” together.

Fashion Photographers – the players who are able to take shots of their barbies (after styling) that have the look and feel of human fashion photography. These photographers often combine lighting, props and backgrounds to create a look. They also often carefully pose to dolls to achieve an expressive look and take care with stray hairs and focus.

Interior Decorators – the players who create intricate dioramas, most often of indoor settings. They combine wall coverings, furniture, textiles and props to make realistic settings.  These players often combine manufactured items with homemade items and a variety of materials used creatively to achieve a realistic setting.

Set Designers – these players take Interior Decoration activities to the next level by imposing boundaries on themselves that require even more ingenuity and tenacity than that of the average Interior Decorator. By choosing specific time periods, specific cultures or imagining inhabitants with highly developed personalities, they create challenges for themselves that require not just coming up with say, a couch for a room, but a couch that would be period appropriate and reflects the “taste” of the inhabitants.

Illustrators – these are the players who use dolls and props to illustrate ideas. These ideas may be simple or they may be complex. They may convey ideas in a single frame or they may use a short series of frames. They may narrate the frame or sequence and may even include a few lines of dialog.

Storytellers – these are the players that take their storytelling to a much more complex level by creating a long series of storyboards that convey a detailed story usually with extended dialog.

Filmmakers – these are the players that create video – not through a progression of stills but through well placed (or not so well placed) manipulations of dolls while a camera “rolls”. You can find hundreds of these on You Tube. Many seem like teens coming up with a crazy idea and executing it sloppily while others are extremely well executed and showcase advanced videography and post-production skills.

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