Bonnie and the Crone Talk Tarot

The Sulphur Crested Cockatoo is unmistakable. Their all-over brilliant white plumage is visible from many kilometres away, silhouetted against distant hills or outlined against the horizon. Among the largest of our parrots, they can reach half a metre in length (18 inches). 

Bonnie, like most Sulphur Crested Cockatoos has loads of personality. These birds are absolute characters to watch. They will hang upside down and drink from the gutters, playing games, daring each other to do the next funny thing. They really have a sense of entertainment!

So, it really was a challenge for the Crone to get Bonnie to sit still for long enough to ‘Talk Tarot’. The Crone’s approach is to dig deep straight away and offer a fun way of exploring the meaning of some individual cards. So to pique Bonnie’s interest she suggested they tackle the Sphinx Revolution Divination Challenge using a deck that she thought would appeal to the bird.

Bonnie cocked her head and looked as attentive as a Cockatoo can look. The Crone shuffled the Affirmators Tarot and out popped the 4 of Wands, featuring a Tortoise. The Tortoise wisdom comes into our lives with the vibrations of peace and tranquility. Moving gently on the earth, it reminds us of the essence of self-love. Like any other animal spirit guide, the tortoise is in your life to help you make more meaning to various life experiences that you are currently undergoing.

The most common symbol of the tortoise is slow and steady. Because of this, you must not hurry in trying to achieve your goals. Do not ignore essential steps along the way. Shortcuts can turn out to be disastrous. Trust in the process and take each day at a time. You will get there.

As a spirit guide, when the tortoise comes to your life, it carries the message that you should stick to your path and live your life without regrets. The choices you make today must conform to your actions, and as a result, you must prepare to deal with the consequences.

The Crone couldn’t help sniggering as Bonnie examined the card featuring a creature that was happy to lie about resting. Quick as a flash Bonnie agreed that slow and steady practice would help her triumph and suggested that any learning about resting best suited the Crone, that she should rest and let her get back to practicing her moves.

The Crone decided that this was a very good idea, slipped into a wagon and prepared to practice self love by taking a nap.

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