A Daily Ritual Begins

Decks include: Sakki Sakki Tarot, Deviant. Moon, LeGrande Circus Tarot, Tarot de St Croix
The Crone, Cora the Raven, Duncan the Donkey and Bonnie have a most satisfactory camp site.

Since settling into her Gypsy Wagon in the bush camp the Crone had wiled away quite a bit of time watching the animals who gathered in the camp and sorting through her Tarot decks. She had been systematically going through each deck to examine different representations of the Majors and had been sketching some of the animals who she thought helped her understand these archetypes.

Her quiet solitude was disrupted by a familiar screeching as Bonnie strutted in and demanded to know what she was doing here all by herself.

“Well you are usually busy practicing your moves” retorted the Crone. “You never linger here for long. I didn’t think you were that interested”

Now what you need to know is that Sulphur Crested Cockatoos are intelligent birds, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Bonnie would tell the Crone that she was not only intrigued by what she was doing but that she was prepared to help.

After checking the Crone’s ‘Wisdom of Australian Wildlife’ deck she was quite emphatic that the Raven fitted the role of the Magician. “To me”, said Bonnie “Raven represents Magic and the Great Mystery. Raven is the bringer of Magic. Raven comes from the Great Mystery, the darkness of the void, where all Creation begins. Raven is a messenger from the Spiritual Realm. He is the color of black and black holds all colour within it and holds all possibility. Raven carries healing power and can give us the courage to go into the unknown. Raven helps to manifest intention and keeps the energy of Creation until it is ready to be birthed into the light”.

Bonnie practices her juggling.

The Crone’s Raven companion appeared at the window and preened herself! “Why thank you Bonnie” cawed Cora. “In Norse mythology, Huginn (Old Norse: /ˈhuɣenn/; Modern Icelandic: [ˈhʏijɪn]; “thought”) and Muninn (O.N.: /ˈmunenn/; Mod. Ice.: [ˈmʏːnɪn]; “memory” or “mind”) are a pair of ravens that fly all over the world, Midgard, and bring information to the god Odin. Knowledge is hard to come by and can be illusive. Of course, not everyone realises this, but you do know, don’t you, that we each possess these magical powers? You don’t need all those extras that we see in these cards. Those Magicians are showmen! They are simply performing for their audience. We can each transform our reality by accessing our inner knowing. If you are in any doubt take the time to watch the Crone drawing. All she needs is a pencil and some paper and magic streams, down her arm and through her fingers.

Bonnie cocked her head in amazement! “You mean I am a Magician when I am doing some of my moves?” she asked.

“Exactly” said the Raven and flew back out to sit up in a tall tree.