A Simple Spread to Help Focus

The old Crone looked at the clock in the mobile studio she had created in her wagon and decided that it was wine o’clock. She gathered her supplies of wine, cheese and nibbles and sat at a table under the shade of the old, gnarled Peppercorn Tree of the variety that could be found in every school yard in Victoria.

Within no time Cora, Bonnie and Duncan arrived, anticipating that wine o’clock translated to mean ‘snacklets’ for them. They watched with interest as she pulled out her Morgan Greer Tarot and shuffled the cards. She explained that she was doing a ‘check the pulse’ kind of reading.

After shuffling the Crone laid down three cards in the way prescribed by the spread she had found on Instagram.

Cora, Bonnie and Duncan were silent as she reacted to the cards. She said that there was no question that the Strength card affirmed that she was being fuelled by some inbuilt determination. After all, she was old enough and had done more than enough already and could be forgiven for being happy to rest now.

Bonnie chuckled and remarked that from what she had observed she could not imagine the Crone sitting idle for long and that she had noted an inner strength that could not be extinguished.

The Crone then turned her attention to the shining knight who was all decked out and rearing to head forward on some fresh quest. She felt that this was most auspicious. Indeed, she observed that the combination of the Knight and Page got her thinking about some fresh approaches she might take.

Bonnie pointed a wing at the Knight and said that she was a natural planner, an events co-ordinator of some note and she would think up ways to bring more wildlife into the camp.

“Of course you are dear one” said the Crone gently, disguising her annoyance that Bonnie was claiming to be an expert at yet another thing.

Cora, sensing the mood offered to do some magic spells to help promote a flow of ideas while Duncan sighed and said that the best he could offer was some Donkey Rides for the little ones.

Everyone laughed and told Duncan that he was really very clever because this had made them all think of having a ‘show’, a kind of Fair, with all kinds of fun things to entertain everyone.