Full Moon Blessings – Three of Wands

Bonnie agreed to have this portrait to celebrate the decision to head towards the land of the sun.

An exciting card in any Tarot Reading is the Three of Wands. The Three of Wands reveals that your life is like a large blank canvas just waiting for you to create a masterpiece that depicts your heart’s desire.

Bonnie is fully aware of the potential. In this rendition Bonnie is looking toward a distant vista. There are three wands (also called rods, these are branches hat resemble a walking staff) firmly set upright. Bonnie has her hand on one of them. Two are nearby.

Today the Three of Wands asks Bonnie to stop, overview, and think about where she is going. Is there something she still wants to have, achieve, or be?

Well of course she can still have it all! The world is wide, open, and waiting. She may just have to leave her own “small island” (a metaphor for your comfort zone) and what she knows. If she acts on what she truly want for herself, she won’t ever regret it. Taking action in the face of fear proves courage, which becomes self-esteem. Who doesn’t want to feel more confident about themselves?