Talking Ace of Wands

When this suit is at its best, the wands provide a great source of inspiration, passion, courage and drive. Behind many of our actions, the wands suit is there to propel us to do something, or to change something. This is why this suit is related towards the concept of energy; it is the power that is behind our actions. People that are related to the wands are usually passionate, action-oriented, adventurous and open. 

When Bonnie and the old Crone examined some artistic renditions of the Ace of Wands Bonnie remarked that when she thought of the Ace a big Red Kangaroo, holding a stick came to her mind. She observed that any one watching this creature bound across a desert landscape would be inspired to take the leap and be the best they could possibly be.

With such energy emanating from the cards that laid before them Bonnie was inspired to suggest that she go for broke and launch her Pocket Rocket fuel. She told the Crone that while she was surfing the net she had read about Travelling Medicine Shows and she thought that the bush folk would be very responsive to something like that.

Medicine Shows, popular primarily between 1850 and 1930 in the United States, were traveling groups that put on performances and entertainment acts interspersed with sales pitches peddling miracle cures, elixirs and other various products of a dubious nature. The predecessor to these travelling shows was the European mountebank, well known throughout the Middle Ages and Renaissance for selling their medicinal wares at fairs, street corners, in market squares or wherever they could gather a crow of onlookers.

The Crone reminded Bonnie that the majority of these people were disreputable charlatans and medical quacks.

“But my elixir is not dubious and I am certainly not a medical quack” insisted Bonnie indignantly. “I use all natural, organic materials and Ms Koala loves my Billabong Water”.

So they agreed to ‘talk tarot’ and be guided by the cards that came up in a spread that popped up on the internet

As the Crone and Bonnie examined the spread the Crone pointed to the Sun and remarked that the universe seemed to be supporting such a plan and that it would aid the movement of it. Bonnie looked at the dog running away with the swords and remarked that this was just the kind of thing a devil dingo would do and so she really would have to protect her brand before someone else grabbed the idea.