To Go or Not to Go

While Bonnie and the old Crone enjoyed the companionship in the camp they were happy to have a few quiet moments talking Tarot. The Crone had made a thermos of tea and they decided to take a break and sit under the shade of a nearby Peppercorn Tree

Bonnie had expressed interest in learning more about these mysterious cards so when the Crone spied the nearby Break Neck Hill road sign she suggested that they could use one of her decks to decide if it was a good idea to investigate this route.

As the Crone produced her Gypsy Palace Tarot Bonnie admired the choice saying that she might take the opportunity to dip into the dress up wardrobe and wear a gypsy outfit. Not to be distracted, the determined Crone gently diverted Bonnie’s attention back to the cards saying “lets see if the cards think it is a good idea for us to follow Break Neck Hill Road”.

Bonnie’s eyes flashed. “You mean follow the advice of pieces of paper instead of asking Boss Cocky what he thinks?” she exclaimed, aghast at such a suggestion.

“Exactly” said the Crone. “Why blindly follow some old know all Boss?”

The normally gregarious bird looked quite frightened. “Boss Cocky would never take us to a place where we might break our necks” she said in a low voice.

“You are taking the road sign way too literally” retorted the Crone as she shuffled her cards and laid two down. “See! The cards think a new path will give us a base and by going we will be taking control”.

Bonnie was not convinced but over tea they decided that the cards might be a good source of advice when Boss Cocky was in another realm.