Writing for Wellness

Pens, crayons, pencils and IV tubes may not seem to have much in common but the arts are increasingly touted as a form of healing that can be as relevant to a patients wellbeing as medication. A developing body of research shows that expressive writinghelps calm the mind and emotions, and increases feelings of happiness and wellbeing. In this course we will use guided writing activities as a gentle approach to personal wellbeing. You will be offered tools which you can take away and use in your daily writing and art practice.  

The enjoyable and easy-to-do activities will help you 

  • reunite with your most creative self
  • dip into Mnemosynes Well of Memory using simple lists as stepping stones
  • apply guided imageries and visual imagery as a kick starter to daily writing
  • alter your perspective by communicating with fragments of nature
  • experience the catharsis that comes with writing letters to past and future selves
  • create detailed portraitures
  • explore a range of emotions

This course will help you?
✔ find a place to advise yourself, clarify goals and make decisions
✔ gain new perspective on your emotions 
✔ increase self-awareness and self knowledge
✔ release creative potential
✔ emphasise a positive outlook
✔ find a way to enjoy and profit from solitude
✔ enhance decision-making and goal achievement
✔ offer a place to find creative solutions to problems
✔ release anxieties and stress
✔expand your creative abilities and works through blocks

Sample Some Of Our Writing for Well-being Activities